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Fibronectin type III superfamily

SCOP classification
Root:   SCOP hierarchy in SUPERFAMILY [ 0] (11)
Class:   All beta proteins [ 48724] (174)
Fold:   Immunoglobulin-like beta-sandwich [ 48725] (28)
Superfamily:   Fibronectin type III [ 49265]
Families:   Fibronectin type III [ 49266] (44)

Superfamily statistics
Genomes (1,736) Uniprot 2018_03 genome PDB chains (SCOP 1.75)
Domains 71,149 265,201 172
Proteins 29,622 129,837 117

Functional annotation
General category Processes_EC
Detailed category Cell adhesion

Function annotation of SCOP domain superfamilies

Enzyme Commission (EC)

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EC termFDR (all)SDEO levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Enzyme Commission (EC)Acting on ester bonds0.000000000000007826Least InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Phosphoric monoester hydrolases0Moderately InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Glycosidases, i.e. enzymes hydrolyzing O- and S-gl0.00000000004277Moderately InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Protein-serine/threonine kinases0.1816Moderately InformativeInherited
Enzyme Commission (EC)Receptor protein-tyrosine kinase0InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Protein-tyrosine-phosphatase0InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Chitinase0.0002219Highly InformativeDirect

Document: EC annotation of SCOP domains

Disease Ontology (DO)

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DO termFDR (all)SDDO levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Disease Ontology (DO)nervous system disease0.5328Least InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)urinary system disease0.2375Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)neurodegenerative disease0.4837Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)disease by infectious agent0.575Moderately InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)primary bacterial infectious disease0.7032InformativeInherited
Disease Ontology (DO)acute kidney failure0.000001648Highly InformativeDirect

Document: DO annotation of SCOP domains

Mouse Phenotype (MP)

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MP termFDR (all)SDMP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)nervous system phenotype0.007542Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)immune system phenotype0.2364Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)cellular phenotype0.6367Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)cardiovascular system phenotype0.6546Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal homeostasis0.9234Least InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal protein level0.004706Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal immune serum protein physiology0.02556Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal neuron morphology0.1196Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal nervous system development0.1603Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)integument phenotype0.2396Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)reproductive system phenotype0.5306Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal heart morphology0.8025Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal cell death1Moderately InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal circulating cytokine level0.000002404InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)autoimmune response0.0001169InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal cell differentiation0.002707InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal heart layer morphology0.1192InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal female reproductive system physiology0.2128InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal white adipose tissue morphology0.3793InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal interferon level0.4773InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal spermatogenesis0.6088InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)increased apoptosis0.8059InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal adipose tissue amount0.8312InformativeInherited
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal axon guidance0.0004414Highly InformativeDirect
Mammalian Phenotype (MP)abnormal spermiogenesis0.0892Highly InformativeInherited

Document: MP annotation of SCOP domains

Worm Phenotype (WP)

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WP termFDR (all)SDWP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Worm Phenotype (WP)cell morphology variant0.00001115Least InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)organ system morphology variant0.0003892Least InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)cell development variant0.001406Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)organism behavior variant0.007956Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)cell physiology variant0.04044Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)organism metabolism processing variant0.1951Least InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)nervous system morphology variant0.002067Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)metabolic pathway variant0.002097Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)movement variant0.01017Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)reproductive system development variant0.0264Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)cell homeostasis metabolism variant0.0466Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)cell component morphology variant1Moderately InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)axon outgrowth variant0.00000000001269InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)neurite morphology variant0.000000001033InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)locomotion reduced0.000005224InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)protein degradation variant0.00000558InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)body wall muscle sarcomere morphology variant0.00005758InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)body posture variant0.0002739InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)mitochondria morphology variant0.0003272InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)growth rate variant0.0009957InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)locomotor coordination variant0.002017InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)muscle cell physiology variant0.004429InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)forward locomotion variant0.02577InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)anchor cell invasion variant0.00000000003851Highly InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)muscle arm development defective0.000000005085Highly InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)forward locomotion decreased0.00004088Highly InformativeDirect
Worm Phenotype (WP)axon trajectory variant0.02434Highly InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)loss of left right asymmetry0.09288Highly InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)neuronal cell fate specification variant0.191Highly InformativeInherited
Worm Phenotype (WP)path curvature variant0.7256Highly InformativeInherited

Document: WP annotation of SCOP domains

Fly Phenotype (FP)

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FP termFDR (all)SDFP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Fly Phenotype (FP)cell adhesion defective0.0001047Highly InformativeDirect

Document: FP annotation of SCOP domains

Fly Anatomy (FA)

(show details)
FA termFDR (all)SDFA levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Fly Anatomy (FA)organ system subdivision0.0008466Least InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)nervous system0.0292Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)multi-tissue structure0.02984Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)larva0.03768Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult0.1159Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)somatic cell0.3494Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)anterior-posterior subdivision of organism1Least InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)multi-cell-component structure0.000000003104Moderately InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)central nervous system0.004296Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)peripheral nervous system0.02303Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)late embryo0.07319Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult segment0.1094Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)cell cluster organ0.1114Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult nervous system0.1276Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)sense organ0.1856Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)neuron0.2852Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)somatic precursor cell0.5826Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)head0.681Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult thorax0.7246Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)appendage0.9372Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult integumentary system0.9657Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)thoracic segment1Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)tagmatic subdivision of integument1Moderately InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)larval abdomen0.0000004608InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)nerve0.0006681InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult brain0.0007501InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)adult procephalic segment0.009365InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)primordium0.01755InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)chemosensory system0.03225InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)labral segment0.03713InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)chaeta0.09214InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)dorsal closure embryo0.1146InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)leg0.3001InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)tract0.4534InformativeInherited
Fly Anatomy (FA)prothoracic leg taste bristle chemosensory neuron0.00001151Highly InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)embryonic heart cardioblast0.00001546Highly InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)commissure0.00002032Highly InformativeDirect
Fly Anatomy (FA)LNv neuron0.0001436Highly InformativeDirect

Document: FA annotation of SCOP domains

Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)

(show details)
ZA termFDR (all)SDZA levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)compound organ0.1064Least InformativeInherited
Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)multi-tissue structure0.1103Least InformativeInherited
Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)nervous system0.5999Least InformativeInherited
Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)central nervous system0.2302Moderately InformativeInherited
Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)diencephalon0.09661InformativeInherited
Zebrafish Anatomy (ZA)medial longitudinal fasciculus0.00001883Highly InformativeDirect

Document: ZA annotation of SCOP domains

Xenopus Anatomy (XA)

(show details)
XA termFDR (all)SDXA levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Xenopus DEvelopment stage (XDE)embryonic stage0.00001022Moderately InformativeDirect
Xenopus DEvelopment stage (XDE)NF stage 10.0008217Highly InformativeDirect

Document: XA annotation of SCOP domains

Arabidopsis Plant Ontology (AP)

(show details)
AP termFDR (all)SDAP levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)root system0Least InformativeDirect
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)shoot axis0Least InformativeDirect
Plant ANatomical entity (PAN)cardinal part of multi-tissue plant structure0Least InformativeDirect

Document: AP annotation of SCOP domains

Enzyme Commission (EC)

(show details)
EC termFDR (all)SDEC levelAnnotation (direct or inherited)
Enzyme Commission (EC)Transferring phosphorus-containing groups0Least InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Hydrolases0.000001077Least InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Phosphoric monoester hydrolases0Moderately InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Aminoacyltransferases0.0000008523Moderately InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Glycosylases0.00004938Moderately InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Protein-serine/threonine kinases0.1254Moderately InformativeInherited
Enzyme Commission (EC)Glycosyltransferases0.7675Moderately InformativeInherited
Enzyme Commission (EC)Protein-tyrosine kinases0InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Protein-tyrosine-phosphatase0InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)RING-type E3 ubiquitin transferase0.0000000006568InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Hexosyltransferases0.00001534InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Receptor protein-tyrosine kinase0Highly InformativeDirect
Enzyme Commission (EC)Chitinase0.0006236Highly InformativeDirect

Document: EC annotation of SCOP domains

InterPro annotation
Cross references IPR008957 SSF49265 Protein matches

Fibronectin is composed of three repeating structural motifs, of which one is the FnIII module. The three modules form a linear sequence of multiple tandem copies connected by short linker peptides. The secondary structure of the FnIII10 module, which is the only fibronectin module to possess an integrin binding RGD motif, consists of two beta-sheets containing the antiparallel beta-strands ABE and DCFG, respectively, which fold up to form a beta-sandwich. The RGD sequence is located in the loop connecting the beta-strands [PubMed9990027].

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