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1mhl B:,D: PDB entry domain

SCOP classification
Root:   SCOP hierarchy in SUPERFAMILY [ 0] (11)
Class:   All alpha proteins [ 46456] (284)
Fold:   Heme-dependent peroxidases [ 48112]
Superfamily:   Heme-dependent peroxidases [ 48113] (3)
Family:   Myeloperoxidase-like [ 48132] (2)
Protein:   Myeloperoxidase [48133]
PDB Entry Domain:   1mhl B:,D: [ 18700]
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InterPro annotation
Cross references IPR010255 SSF48113 Protein matches
Abstract Peroxidases are haem-containing enzymes that use hydrogen peroxide as the electron acceptor to catalyse a number of oxidative reactions. Most haem peroxidases follow the reaction scheme: Fe3+ + H2O2 --> [Fe4+=O]R' (Compound I) + H2O [Fe4+=O]R' + substrate --> [Fe4+=O]R (Compound II) + oxidised substrate [Fe4+=O]R + substrate --> Fe3+ + H2O + oxidised substrate

In this mechanism, the enzyme reacts with one equivalent of H2O2 to give [Fe4+=O]R' (compound I). This is a two-electron oxidation/reduction reaction where H2O2 is reduced to water and the enzyme is oxidised. One oxidising equivalent resides on iron, giving the oxyferryl [PubMed8062820] intermediate, while in many peroxidases the porphyrin (R) is oxidised to the porphyrin pi-cation radical (R'). Compound I then oxidises an organic substrate to give a substrate radical [PubMed7922023].

Haem peroxidases include two superfamilies: one found in bacteria, fungi, plants and the second found in animals. The animal peroxidases comprise a group of homologous proteins that differ markedly from the plant/fungal/bacterial peroxidases in primary, secondary and tertiary structure, but which share with them a common function. Animal peroxidases probably arose independently of the plant/fungal/bacterial peroxidase superfamily and most likely belong to a different gene family. The crystal structures of a number of these proteins show that the active sites of animal peroxidase and plant/fungal/bacterial peroxidases are remarkably similar [PubMed10403190].

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