SUPERFAMILY 1.75 HMM library and genome assignments server

Download SUPERFAMILY Models, Database Dump and Genome Assignments

N.B. It is no longer necessary to install SUPERFAMILY locally. Instead you may use our EC2 AWS cloud image.

To gain access to downloads from the SUPERFAMILY ftp server a license agreement must be obtained, which is free for academic and commercial use.
There is a short registration form to be filled in, which gives immediate access to the downloads via ftp. To access the downloads follow the instructions provided during registration and the files will appear on the private ftp site as described below.
The SUPERFAMILY package does not include all of the software required to use the models. This must be obtained from elsewhere; users are advised to consider SAM and HMMER3 (strongly recommended). It is also possible to use PSI-BLAST, but this does not work with any of the parsing scripts and is only advised if you really know what you're doing (N.B. parsing script no longer parse SAM output either).

Files and directories refer to the ftp site.

The SCOP parsable files (cla, des, hie) are necessary to make sense of the SCOP identifiers used by the SUPERFAMILY database. A detailed description may be found here.

The genome assignments and MySQL database dump are updated weekly.