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Domain combinations for 101936,101936,101936,101936,101936 superfamilies in all Eukaryotic genomes

The selected domain combination is the occurrence of the following superfamily domains in N- to C-Terminal order:

101936 - DNA-binding pseudobarrel domain
101936 - DNA-binding pseudobarrel domain
101936 - DNA-binding pseudobarrel domain
101936 - DNA-binding pseudobarrel domain
101936 - DNA-binding pseudobarrel domain

Phylogenetic distribution

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23 sequences contain the 101936,101936,101936,101936,101936 domain architecture in Eukaryotes.

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Oryza glumaepatula 22: OGLUM03G27190.1

Aquilegia coerulea v195: Aquca_010_00338.1|PACid:22046925

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra000564

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra011285

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra007835

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra010225

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra007836

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra032075

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra012445

Brassica rapa Chiifu-401 1.2: Bra007840

Eucalyptus grandis v201: Eucgr.G00890.1|PACid:23586517

Oryza barthii 22: OBART03G26320.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA03G27320.1

Oryza nivara 22: ONIVA03G27320.2

Arabidopsis thaliana 10: AT2G24650.1

Arabidopsis thaliana 10: AT1G26680.1

Malus domestica v196: MDP0000236750|PACid:22623596

Thellungiella halophila v173: Thhalv10000028m|PACid:20208357

Arabidopsis lyrata : jgi|Araly1|890070|scaffold_102864.1

Arabidopsis lyrata : jgi|Araly1|481325|fgenesh2_kg.4__385__AT2G24650.1

Arabidopsis lyrata : jgi|Araly1|868325|Al_scaffold_0004_488

Capsella rubella v183: Carubv10012060m|PACid:20890743

Fragaria vesca : gene12786