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dcGO Enrichment: Identifying functions and other higher-order knowledge enriched within a list of input domains

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dcGO Enrichment
Step 1: choose the input domain type: 
Step 2: upload superfamily/family list:
    Or, paste superfamily/family list into the box below
  • Use the above example (Single group: one entry per line);
  • Check to use example (Multiple groups: 1st column for group id; 2nd for superfamily/family id)

    SCOP superfamily/family id: SCOP unique identifiers (sunid); SCOP concise classification strings (sccs); the mixture of both.
    PFAM family id: copy PFAM families thereof into the submission form as an example.

Step 3: select ontologies (Functions, Diseases, Phenotypes and Others): 

Step 4: focus on the ontology version:  

Step 5: specify the FDR threshold:  

Step 6: (Please check the domain type to match your input superfamily/family list, which also affects the test background)