dcGO - A comprehensive domain-centric ontology resource for post-genomic research on functions, phenotypes, diseases and more   

dcGO Predictor: Extracting knowledge of function, phenotype and disease from genome sequences

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  • Via Single Query from the Faceted Search, by clicking the logo.

  • Via Batch Query, allowing the submission of up to 10000 sequences, producing results that:
      1) give a summary of the prediction content by counting the number/percentage of sequences annotated by ontological terms at four levels (i.e., slim version);
      2) offer a download of predictions for both the slim verion and full version;
      3) links to explore the prediction details for each of the input sequences.

  • Via Hyperlink, which takes the form of URLs (Without submission form but comma-separated sequence identifiers). For example, the prediction for Q01826, Q8TCS8 and O75376: http://supfam.org/SUPERFAMILY/cgi-bin/dcpredictormain.cgi?seq_query=Q01826,Q8TCS8,O75376

dcGO Predictor (Batch Query) Step 1: select ontologies (Functions, Diseases, Phenotypes and Others): 
Step 2: choose the input sequence format:
Step 3: paste/upload your sequences :
  • Use the above example by default (one line per ID for 'Sequence identifier');
  • Or, check to use example sequences (Multiple sequence FASTA format for 'Amino acid sequence')

Step 4: (Please check the format of your input sequences)