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Eukaryota (E): Homo sapiens annotated by immune system cancer (DOID:0060083 from DO)

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Gateway: sTOL hierarchy starting from three superkingdoms (Archaea, Bacteria, Eukaryota)

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(NCBI Taxonomic Rank)
Name [TaxID] <Branch length> #Genomes Tree (Newick format)BO with #sunids: 31
superkingdom:   Bacteria [2] <2.79e-03> 1887Codes|TaxIDs|Names
superkingdom:   Archaea [2157] <2.84e-02> 133Codes|TaxIDs|Names
superkingdom:   Eukaryota [2759] <3.59e-02> 437Codes|TaxIDs|Names(7|0|7)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <2.41e-02> 436Codes|TaxIDs|Names(8|0|15)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <4.21e-03> 385Codes|TaxIDs|Names(3|0|18)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <4.13e-03> 374Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|18)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <5.15e-03> 339Codes|TaxIDs|Names(3|0|21)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <3.42e-03> 333Codes|TaxIDs|Names(1|0|22)
no rank:   Opisthokonta [33154] <2.84e-03> 332Codes|TaxIDs|Names(2|0|24)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <1.13e-02> 125Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|24)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <2.05e-02> 123Codes|TaxIDs|Names(1|0|25)
kingdom:   Metazoa [33208] <3.00e-02> 121Codes|TaxIDs|Names(4|0|29)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <1.38e-02> 120Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|29)
no rank:   Eumetazoa [6072] <1.50e-02> 119Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|29)
no rank:   Bilateria [33213] <5.87e-03> 116Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|29)
no rank:   Coelomata [33316] <1.45e-02> 111Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|29)
no rank:   Deuterostomia [33511] <1.21e-02> 64Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|29)
phylum:   Chordata [7711] <6.17e-03> 62Codes|TaxIDs|Names(1|0|30)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <8.70e-03> 61Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|30)
no rank:   Vertebrata [7742] <1.20e-02> 58Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|30)
no rank:   Euteleostomi [117571] <1.24e-02> 57Codes|TaxIDs|Names(1|0|31)
no rank:   Sarcopterygii [8287] <3.04e-03> 49Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
no rank:   Tetrapoda [32523] <3.06e-03> 48Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
no rank:   Amniota [32524] <4.50e-03> 46Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
class:   Mammalia [40674] <3.00e-03> 41Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
no rank:   Theria [32525] <3.42e-03> 40Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
no rank:   Eutheria [9347] <3.66e-03> 37Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <1.98e-03> 32Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
superorder:   Euarchontoglires [314146] <7.17e-04> 19Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
None:   Inferred ancestor [Null] <2.50e-04> 11Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
order:   Primates [9443] <1.86e-03> 10Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
suborder:   Haplorrhini [376913] <1.08e-04> 8Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
infraorder:   Simiiformes [314293] <6.81e-03> 7Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
parvorder:   Catarrhini [9526] <3.08e-03> 6Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
superfamily:   Hominoidea [314295] <2.40e-03> 5Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
family:   Hominidae [9604] <1.70e-03> 4Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
subfamily:   Homininae [207598] <2.91e-03> 3Codes|TaxIDs|Names(0|0|31)
@ species:   Homo sapiens [9606] <1.04e-02> 1(0|0|31)